5 Perks of Pepperi B2B e-Commerce Software


The world of e-Commerce is complex, but it’s even more complicated when your list of clients includes multiple businesses.

B2B sales is an industry to itself, having specific software programs designed to help professional organizations work more efficiently with one another. Whether you need to establish multiple catalogs for clients, refine the pricing structure on your app or web portal, or even track dozens of sales orders simultaneously, Pepperi could be the right choice for you.

Here are five perks of using Pepperi’s B2B e-Commerce software for mobile and web-based platforms.

  1. Make Managing of Multiple Catalogs Easy

B2B sellers are just like regular sellers in a lot of ways – included the diversification of their inventory. Buyers want different things, and this is true whether the buyer is an average consumer or an established business.

You want to have different catalogs set up to provide different customers with offerings tailored to their needs. This helps you ensure that customers don’t have to look too hard to find the products or services that will benefit their organizations.

  1. Create Multiple Price Lists for Your Catalogs

Flexibility is key in the B2B industry, and a clear list of prices is good etiquette no matter what field you’re in. When you have multiple catalogs, product packages, and service offerings on your app or web portal, you may want the ability to create custom pricing for each.

Using Pepperi, you can create different price lists and edit them as needed. This makes it easy for you to consistently update your catalogs and service offerings as needed. This is also a handy feature when you’re prone to updating your offerings regularly.

  1. Options for Custom Presentation in Each Catalog

Beyond having individual catalogs and pricing options for each, there are other ways you can customize your customers’ experience. When you want to make it a little easier for them to look around your catalogs and find out about your products, consider giving each catalog a custom look.

You can change the presentation options for each one, giving you more control over how your customers see your products and how easy it is for them to find what they need. Organize your products into thumbnails, grids, and even provide high levels of detail for each individual product.

  1. Creative Options for Sales and Promotion

Do you like to offer frequent discounts, or promotional pricing for your more consistent clients? Are you aiming to upsell reoccurring clients or even use cross-selling promotions? Pepperi’s sales tools make this easy.

These tools provide great levels of flexibility for the seller who wants complete control over their catalogs and make frequent updates to improve sales volumes.

  1. Flexible Payment Options and Buying Platforms

When you work with multiple clients, you may soon discover that not everyone prefers to pay in the same way. Pepperi helps you ensure you can close a deal no matter how your client prefers to pay, and that you can accommodate them with ease.


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