Top 10 Content Types That Can Help B2B Specialists


The digital age is about content – smart content, and relevant content. The kind that tells a person what they need to know and cuts through the sea of words, paragraphs, and pages on their screen.

If you have B2B as one of your specialties, you have a great challenge but a great opportunity. Businesses know a lot about advertising and sales – so marketing to them is more of a challenge than marketing to the average consumer.

The payoff is that businesses can do more for one another, and B2B specialists need the right type of content (both content pieces and strategies) to articulate these prospective benefits properly. Here are the top ten content types that can help B2B specialists.

  1. Expert Articles

People like authoritative content, and B2B marketers should swear by it. When reaching out as one professional to another, expert articles can be an all-purpose solution. They can help generate traffic and get eyes on associated advertisements, serve as an educational resource and lead-in for a well-placed call to action, and anything in between.

  1. eBooks

If you really want to show the client you’re reaching out to that you know your stuff, offer eBooks or other digital reading materials on your specialty. It’s a great inbound technique that gives your new prospective partner something for free, and also shows your understanding of your own field.

  1. White Papers

This one is more popular among tech companies, but B2B specialists in all fields can still benefit. Companies want to invest resources in ends that help them fulfill their objective. A white paper is a no-nonsense authoritative guide that presents clear information on a topic and data-backed solutions on how to solve a problem or make a decision.

  1. Email Campaigns

This one teeters on the edge of interruptive marketing rather than inbound, but it’s a content strategy that can pay off if you make your pitch correctly. Reaching out to other professionals about collaborative projects requires you to craft your side of things carefully. Once you do, it becomes easy to pitch that to numerous clients in a given industry or geographic location with email campaigns.

  1. Opt-In Newsletters

Now we’re back on the inbound side of things. Once you’ve started gaining authority and reach in the B2B community, you may get a number of clients that want to keep up with you and what it is you offer – whether that’s new products, industry news, periodic special deals, or any combination of the above. Newsletters like this are great for maintaining your pool of clients and ensuring you don’t lose some to gain others.

  1. Product/Service Descriptions

This is an obvious one a lot of people miss, but it can be the difference-maker between making a sale or missing one. Create content that describes exactly what it is you do and lays out all the details for the viewer. You can do lists, feature articles, or even graphical descriptions – you can get creative, and show businesses the benefit of what it is you offer.


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