ViewLift Expands Business Intelligence Capabilities for Clients


Customers hate slow or intermittent video streaming, but is their individual problem due to their own IP connectivity, or the streaming service? Most streaming platforms can’t tell – a customer service nightmare. Solving this critical service gap, ViewLift, an industry leading technology company, today introduced enhanced Quality of Service (QoS) reporting into its extensive analytics toolset. The suite of reports includes advanced metrics that capture the quality of video streams in real time. Further, these reports enable operators to analyze and resolve issues related to video streaming. Together, these reports ensure greater transparency and problem solving for consumers, and underscores ViewLift’s high-quality streaming performance across 30 devices.

Operators gain access to incredible granularity to pinpoint causes of QoS issues. The suite provides data on video load time, buffering ratios, and overall streaming quality (e.g. bitrate, resolution, etc.) at the domain, page, content, and user level; reports can be filtered by device, operating system, browser, ISP, and geography. These diagnostics are available to the ViewLift client’s customer service rep at the beginning of the conversation with a consumer, enabling clients to offer proactive support, as opposed to only being reactive. With user-level QoS history directly integrated inside ViewLift‘s CRM, operators can address complications on a case-by-case basis.

“For an operator, streaming quality is an incredibly time-sensitive issue; prolonged streaming issues can incur significant opportunity costs in terms of customer retention and brand reputation. Access to granular, timely reporting on QoS metrics will greatly reduce the time and resources needed to pinpoint and resolve root causes,” states Zhibo Wang, ViewLift’s Director of Product – Data & Analytics. With the implementation of advanced QoS features, ViewLift looks to continue to build its platform with innovative solutions and toolsets for content operators.


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